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CloudPulse is using High-Availability infrastructure

Our infrastructure is not only redundant (i.e. Power, servers, switches etc.) but it’s compute hypervisor is stretched across multiple datacenters. If an airplane would land on top of our datacenters, the infrastructure will remain online. It’s the same on connectivity part; we have multiple routs to core switches across the globe to balance our traffic.


Will everything change?!

Cloudpulse is built on standard X68 components. Using this gains flexibility not only in hardware but also in software. You will have to learn nothing new! The only thing that will change are your savings. You will work from the cloud while it looks like you still are on your local desktop. We are taking care of maintaining and updating these standard components. This way you will always run with the latest and greatest updated and patches to maintain a secure and stable environment.

Flash Storage

Fastest storage currently available

Starting from X2 you will get Flash storage! This way of storing and accessing your data is going 300 times faster than a traditional hard drive. Not only the desktop will become faster but also your applications. Starting Metra Trader will be done in a brief second and its trade executions will also be faster.

Cloud Backups by Snapshots

Most efficient way of backups

A snapshot based backup is, according to Gartner, the future in terms of backups. The snapshots only contains the so called “changed blocks” therefor the snapshot will only grow once you change something in your data. Cloudpulse is utilizing these types of snapshots across its infrastructure also for you desktops. You no longer need your current backup software and its licenses.


Easy edit or even cancel your Desktop

We are using a dynamic hypervisor which makes it easy to change certain settings and options while your desktop stays online. Adding an extra CPU for more compute or expand your memory or storage to host more applications or terminals. You also have the possibility to cancel your desktop on a monthly basis. No need for long term contracts!


How secure is my desktop?

Our infrastructure consist of a hybrid cloud model. Our desktops are running inside our private cloud model with a public connection. The advantages from this model is that your desktop is private and is and that no one, except you, can access your data. The connection is established using SSH Certificate (SHA-2 & 2048-bit) and is running behind a number of firewalls and virus scanners. We are working together with a threat management Center. The Cloudpulse team is monitoring and update proactively the security.

CloudPulse Solutions

Desktop - X1

€ 29,95 per month

  • 25 GB Storage (SATA)
  • 1 Xeon CPU
  • 1 GB Memory
  • Microsoft Windows
  • 2 MT4 Terminals
  • Basic Support

Desktop - X2

€ 39,95 per month

  • 25 GB Storage (SSD)
  • 2 Xeon CPU
  • 2 GB Memory
  • Microsoft Windows
  • 2-5 MT4 Terminals
  • Basic Support

Desktop - X3

€ 49,95 per month

  • 25 GB (SSD) + 25 GB (SATA)
  • 4 Xeon CPU
  • 4 GB Memory
  • Microsoft Windows
  • 5+ MT4 Terminals
  • Basis support

Hosted MT4

€ 19,95 per month

  • Shared SSD Storage
  • Shared 16 Xeon CPU
  • Shared 16 GB Memory
  • Fully Managed MT4
  • Terminal support
  • No access to Cloud Desktop